How beautiful she is, always has been and always will be.

Maxwell Cafe is the extension of your own living room. A good breakfast after a night out, a delicious lunch or dinner or just drinks until you drop? It's all possible!


Every Monday our Miss Jocelyn takes you through a though class of brain gymnastics. A workout of 8 rounds in which you are guaranteed to be put to the test! The Kwiss spectacle starts at 21:00 and at 23:30 we let you go, satisfied and a bit smarter.

A real fanatic? Every 2 months all the podium finishers from the previous weeks can compete against each other in The Great Final Kwiss! Get those little brains cracking!

Call, email or book via our widget at the bottom right of this page and sign up your team (max 5 people) quickly!

* The Kwiss is in English & Dutch *




Lucky you, because we'll make it a party!

Finally getting your group of friends back together at a dinner, your big birthday party or a fun work gathering?

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